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Glory Alley, a girl rock collector from a troubled family, sets out to find a priceless stone. Just as her dream is about to come true, aliens with supernatural powers get in the way. A battle of wits versus magic begins, threatening to plunge the universe into chaos. Only Glory can make things right again, but does she really want to go back to her crumbling old life?

Recommended Age Range: 10 to 110.


"Glory Alley isn't a wizard, she doesn't slay vampires or zombies, but she kicks butt in her very own way. Her weapon is never giving up. Glory rocks!"
--Reader Fan Mail, Nicole from CO

"The author draws you into a realistic dramatic family life with a little fantasy and science fiction on the side. This crazy family will make you appreciate your own. I won’t spoil the ending of the story, but if you like happy endings, you will love this one."
--JR at Ebook Review

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